I am a woman poet, una mujer poeta, living in the Bay Area in California, on my way out of the sex industry. I come from a poor and extraordinary family, who taught me how to laugh through any tears. We lived our tragedies out loud and suffered the consequences. Deep within, we are dreamers, spirit-workers of the most everyday kind, and devoted believers that anything is possible, always.

I am both young and old, retired and emerging, fearless and terrified. I create poemas, essays, stories, altars, photographs. I create new ways of perceiving. I create opportunities for the unwavering reverence of the self and the sincere respect for others. I know what it's like to have a numb body, a psychic mind, and a yearning heart. Yo soy mestiza, indigena, una bruja, una puta, an intellectual. I am looking for a space in the world where I can be all of these things and I am inspired to create this space in all of my art.

I am a two-time VONA Voices Fellow, the recipient of a Poets 11 Award, and the creator of a chapbook of poetry by people in the sex trade titled, Places of Eclipse. I have been published in LIES Vol. II: A Journal of Materialist Feminism, as well as the blog The Body Is Not An Apology. I have recently been accepted to both VONA Voices and Lambda Literary writing retreats, and have completed a writing residency at Hedgebrook. While my writing is inclusive of many universal themes, such as love, loss and redemption, it is the contentious and messy reality of being a woman that keeps my creative interest.


Siempre hay una nueva oportunidad


I long for the possibility of a better us.